Marico Bangladesh Ltd. approached Asiatic EXP with their intention to reach Female Garments workers (aged between 18 to 35 & SEC – C through D) with their product Parachute Advansed Belyphul (PAB). Our objective was to create awareness about CNO and Methi nourishment of the product and eradicate the perception of low nourishment attribute of the product as well as increase the market share.


The identified challenge was to engage the target audience emotionally within a very short time. Asiatic EXP created a persona called “Nandini”, with the tagline “Be your best” (নন্দিনী- হয়ে ওঠো সেরা), and designed a concise and effective activation session encircling the concept of health & safety factors for garments workers. The target audience could easily relate to the character ‘Nandini’ and were effectively engaged regarding the brand and product messages. We motivated the garments workers to be at their best everyday by showcasing the story of someone like them and built Safety Awareness.


Core activations were held in the garment factories and residential hubs of Gazipur, Narayanganj & Savar, where 20 teams were assigned to reach 523 garments and 8,675 residential hubs. The activation lasted for 5 months covering total 733,295 consumer including 642,468 audiences from garments factories and 90,827 consumers from residential hubs. Field level execution was done in 77 working days.
But more than all these, this campaign infused the spark of confidence in more than 7 lac fighting women of 21st century to be at their best, every day.


  • Area Coverage: Gazipur, Narayanganj & Savar
  • Activation Modality: 20 teams were assigned to reach 523 garments and 8,675 residential hubs.
  • Client: Marico Bangladesh Ltd.
  • Year: 2016 – 2017
  • Category: Activation

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