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Simply because we live in ideas, people feel the moments we create, are worth remembering. A mix of self motivated enthusiasts that we have within our walls, are ambassadors of those ideas. The life, the ideas and ‘us’ complete our equation.


Manas Paul

Associate Director, Planning & Key Accounts

Aspire to Inspire

Shoaeb Harun

Manager, Planning

“I believe in stepping out of the box and thinking out of your comfort zone”

Ahad Mosharraf

Sr. Administrator, IT

“My enthusiasm is to integrate tech with lives, where it works like a magic”

Rakibul Hassan Joheb

Manager, Key Accounts

“I find ways to pursue interests and passions; it keeps you feeling excited and alive”

Kazi Shafiqul Islam

Logistic Executive

Tushan A. Seraji

Asst. Manager, Operation

“I will struggle for what is right, and I will struggle until its right”

Rezaul Karim Shourav

Asst. Manager, Operation

“It is important to realize when I have to run forward. But it is equally important to know when it’s time for someone else to take over”

Rashed Khan Miron

Manager, Key Accounts

“I’ve got to be able to think on my feet to find a way out of every dead end”

Moniruzzaman Nasir

Sr. Executive, Operation

Rakeeb Ahmed Khan

Sr. Executive, Key Account

“People make choices. I create them”

Shibani Mondal

Executive, Operations

Anamul Azad

Sr. Executive, Finance & Accounts

“I brainstorm solutions when people are busy worrying”

Mrinal Kanti Samaddar


“My ideas have no boundaries, neither does my imagination”

Shahrier Abir

Sr. Executive, Operation

“I find multiple ways to solve singular problems”

Farooque Ahmed

General Manager

“I welcome change and creativity wherever they fit”

Sultana Naz

Front Desk Executive

“Growing requires stepping out of your comfort zone, working beyond designated responsibilities”

Mohammad Arif

Sr. Executive, Operation

“Giving something my best shot is not just an option for me, but my priority.”

Shajidul Islam Liton

Manager, Operation

Fardous Badal

Sr. Executive, Operation

Mohammad Sayeem

Head of Business, Activation

“I jump into the part where all the action begins”

Arupeshwar Roy Chone

Sr. Executive, Operation

“Hard work & determination will eventually get me the result I yearn for”

Ronjit Kumar

Executive, Operation

Minul Islam Shamim

Sr. Executive, Operation

“Once my heart sets its destination, there is no turning back”

Arman Polash

Executive, Operations

Rafiquzzaman Rana

Executive, Operations

“Always ready to find out an aesthetic execution for a memorable event”

Sirajul Islam Nishan

Executive, Operations

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”

Sultan Chowdhury

Executive, Logistics & Administration

“Our vision is to be fulfilling your dreams comes true”

Azadul Islam

Sr. Executive, Planning

“Start. Pause. Forward. Rewind”

Md. Sanaullah Tanim

Executive, Operation

Smita Aparna

Sr. Executive, HR

“Be somebody nobody thought you could be”

Fakhrul Islam Jewel

Executive, Key Account

“PERFECTION is often more Powerful than REALITY and I thrive to Generate Ideas that create Long-standing Perceptions”

SM Masum

Sr. Manager, Finance


Masidul Alam

Accounts Assistant

Selim Sheikh

Event Assistant



Abul Kashem


Wadud Sarkar


Robiul Islam

Office Assistant

Abdul Wahab

Cook Assistant


Office Assistant